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The site is SSL secured and uses HTTPS by default.


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Wix partners with Google for a range of services. By default, all Wix sites have Google Analytics integrated into their build to track visitors, ostensibly to assist people like me to build better websites for people like you. I have no idea what information Google Analytics is hoovering up as you navigate my website, nor who they're sharing that information with and for what purpose(s).


To opt out of tracking on my site (recommended), switch to Firefox and install the Privacy Badger extension by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. There is also a Facebook container extension for Firefox which is design to prevent Facebook from tracking your every move on the web.

Your personal information

If you contact me by email, I'll store your name and email address in my email program to facilitate direct communication with you about working together. I'll never share your personal information with anyone. My hard drive in encrypted when my computer's switched off.

If we start working together, I'll add information about your business to my Xero account, but only what's required so that quotes and invoices render correctly with all necessary info.

I use WeTransfer to send and receive files that are too big to email. WeTransfer's privacy policies can be found here. I've signed their data processing agreement to ensure any sensitive information contained in the files we transfer is protected.

I don't use a CRM to manage relationships.


I'll keep confidential any sensitive information I obtain about you and your business. I am happy to sign a formal non disclosure agreement if you require one before we start working together. You can send this to me by email or WeTransfer.

Working with me

Hours of work

I work from home and generally start and finish late, though my schedule is quite flexible and I do encourage you to please contact me in advance to book me out for work you need done on or by certain dates.

How to contact me

While I'm working or out and about, my email program is usually shut down. This means I may not read your email for a number of hours after it's sent, but it also means that when it's your work I'm doing, 100% of my energy and attention is on that. Here's a lovely podcast summarising the science of attention and multitasking (and the benefits of doing one thing at a time). Here's another one on reclaiming creativity through boredom.

If you need to get in touch urgently, or prefer to speak directly with me, please call or text my mobile (see below).

Payment terms

For customers who've signed a customer agreement, invoices are generated once work is complete. Terms are 14 days from date of invoice. For one off work, it's released once payment is received.

What I need to complete your project

You will need to provide information on your brand including colours and fonts. You may have all of this in a style guide or brand guidelines document. I love those things. I will also need access to your logo in the appropriate format, photos, and any other design elements I should include in your design. Finally, I need your copy (the text to include in your document).


You can send these things to me using my WeTransfer channel. It's free and secure.

I'll also need a rundown of what you want. The more information you give me, the more likely you'll love the thing I create for you. Please be as prescriptive as possible. I thrive on good instructions. Every designer does. A list of basics to include:

What is it? (card/infographic/report/etc)

Is it for print or online?

What shape and size should it be? (paper size, kinds of folds, etc, or what online platform am I designing for)

Then, please articulate as much information about the project as possible, so I'm clear on the intended audience, it's purpose, how you want it to look and feel, whether this is part of an existing family of designs (please send copies/links) or if it's a move away from your established aesthetic...

I'll create a quick mood board if necessary to ensure I've understood your brief before commencing work on your design.

How much time I need

As a general guide, once I have all the information/assets I need to get started (see above), and confirmation from you to get started (see below)...

Expert word processing

A custom Word template with custom styles will take me up to half a day.

The time required to get through a reformatting package varies wildly and comes down to how much work is required to get your documents looking the part. If you've got a lot of documents that need reformatting, I'll usually develop a custom template first, and release this to you as a bonus once the work is complete. You'll also get a cheat sheet that steps you through how to use your template to create new documents that are formatted just like the ones I reformatted for you.

I can design a short form within one business day. I'll need another day to turn that form into an interactive PDF that can be completed electronically, and will require you to sign off on the plain version before I commence work on that. If your form is more along the lines of, say, the national census or tax return, I'll need you to please contact me to discuss my calendar and availability versus the deadlines you're working to.

Document design

Small things such as thank you cards, product tags, flyers, and event invites can usually be turned around within one business day. I prefer to say 24 hours so I get a chance to look at it with fresh eyes the next morning (for further information, see below under the section on complementary proofreading and copy editing).

Brochures usually take me a day or two to design.

Reports can take anywhere from two days for something short and simple, to a whole week or longer if there are a lot of pages to lay out and you require custom icons, graphs, and other visual prompts to make sure the information sticks and your report really pops.

Once all the information and visual collateral's been gathered, please allow one to five weeks for me to design a catalogue (the biggest contingency will be the page count/number of products).

For a custom infographic, allow one to two weeks. As well as the content, I'll need a copy of your style guide, and graphic elements you already have/wwant included (photos, background images, etc), and a lot of notes about what information you need emphasised.

I can get a poster done for you within a week. Please note I specialise in typographic/ minimalist design. If you're looking for something that requires a lot of new graphics, you're better served finding an illustrator or graphic designer specialising in a style that suits you/your organisation.

Wedding packages

OMG you're getting married!

If you're interested in clean crisp design for your wedding that is at once modern and timeless, get in touch to start the conversation. I'll send you a questionnaire that will help me prepare a mock up and quote.

Complementary proofreading and copy editing

I offer complementary proofreading and light copy editing on all projects, and have excellent language skills, but that part of my brain starts to malfunction when I'm working on the visual side of things, and I can't do this well unless I have a chance to look at it with fresh eyes. I like to sleep on all my work and have one last look at it with fresh eyes the next morning before releasing it to you/your preferred print shop.

The above information assumes I'm not booked out/am already working on other projects. Please contact me to discuss my availability versus any deadlines you need to work to. I'm happy to block out time in advance for your project.


Copyright/terms of use

Anything you hire me to design is protected under the Copyright Act 1968. Onselling that work in whole or part, or reproducing it for use by any other individual or entity is strictly forbidden.


Let's start working on your documents.

I'd love to hear from you.

0428 628 352

PO Box 291 Buddina Q 4575