Custom infographics

Help your audience cut through the noise, engage with the data, and effectively communicate your key findings with infographics.

Why infographics ?

Custom vector illustration of presentation slide

People find it easier to process and retain data that's presented visually because our brains are wired to process visual information.

​Visual information can be processed in as little as 13 milliseconds.



Custom vector ilustraton of a certificate

Presentation can boost credibility.


Visual design was the most important factor in a study exploring online credibility.


SOURCE: The Web Credibility Project

Custom vector illustration of a flame

Visual elements help online content perform better: they increase views and engagement.

Content with visuals gets almost twice as many views and is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.

SOURCE: Buffer

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I've been taught how to use InDesign and Illustrator by the best. My design style is one that favours simplicity for an end result that is bold and uncomplicated – perfect for showcasing your content. I've also studied data analysis and communication at university level. So that infographic? It's in good hands.

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