Audio transcription

Imagine simply thinking about what you want to say, saying it, and leaving the rest to a graphic designer x word processing expert.

I turn audio recordings into elegant medicolegal reports for consultant psychologists, freeing up their schedule to see more people.

Outsource your word processing to an expert


Six years’ experience working with a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.

Formal qualifications covering advanced word processing and business writing.


Free up time in your schedule to see more clients.

Your reports and general correspondence designed by a word processing expert x graphic designer.

Secure file upload.

On call expertise.

Work with me

Dictate your medico-legal reports and general correspondence. You can use the voice memo app on your smart phone or invest in a dictation machine (recommended).

Send your audio files to me. You can send a download link straight from the voice memo app on your smart phone to

If using a dictation machine, connect it to your computer, move your audio files across to your hard drive, and then securely transfer your audio files to me using my WeTransfer channel at

I'm happy to sign a non disclosure agreement prior to receipt of your file. Send your non disclosure agreement to me by email at

Free up time in your schedule to see more clients by outsourcing your word processing to an expert.


Download the audio transcription intro doc for more information.

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